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Xtreme Gravity : meets art movement

Art movement ( n.m )
The art of travel is a physical discipline of transforming elements of the urban environment hurdles . The goal is to move from one point to another in the smooth and efficient as possible the most natural way .
Different techniques are used : running, jumping , climbing, balancing movement , quadrupedal movement , etc. .

Plotter ( n.m )
Name given to the practitioners of the discipline.

Xtreme Gravity Europe 2014 : first meeting of European art movement

In 2013, the plotters had their first Rally France with Xtreme Gravity which brought together more than 2000 people at the Great Hall de la Villette in Paris . 24 of the best French tracers are expressed on a route specifically for the occasion.

For its second edition , Xtreme Gravity takes an international dimension and hosts tracers from all Europe.
Their playground , an area of ​​600 m² , designed by the team at Xtreme Gravity allow optimal performance of the tracers in the peristyle of the Great Hall of the Villette.

This year, the Xtreme Gravity respond to the growing public interest in this discipline with a bigger stage , two giant screens to broadcast live performances of tracers, and videos from the event.
Courses discovery and initiation will be offered to individuals on the eve of the competition.

The event will be broadcast live on Dailymotion :
Live Xtreme Gravity Europe 2014 April 27 14h by <a href=”” rstyleparis target=”_blank”>